Producing hundreds, if not thousands, of financial reports and commentaries each year can be a headache. Draw on our team of experts for a fresh and professional review of your company’s investment-writing process. We can assess your message, evaluate your procedures and analyse your output – making your content production as relevant, timely and pain-free as possible.


What do we do?
Our reviews and tailored feedback will uncover ways to make your writing and communications processes run more efficiently. We offer a department-wide analysis of your content provision and practices. Beyond that, we also offer content audits, which will examine your material for duplications, omissions or missed opportunities. Meanwhile, our tone-of-voice review facilitates clarity and uniformity in your brand message. We can also develop a style guide to support you with a consistent approach to grammar, punctuation and in-house standards.

How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • We can help you to see the wood and the trees by providing a strategic review, with tailored and value-added recommendations for improvements and efficiencies.
  • As well as uncovering potential improvements you’ve not yet considered, we can assist in ironing out those niggling problems encountered each month or quarter.
  • We’ll tidy up key workflows via focused analysis of a particular area – including content audits, tone-of-voice assessments and style-guide production.

Ultimately, more efficient processes and procedures will free you up for forward planning.

Paul's mission to Asia

paul-smI have always eyed financial services job adverts that describe the role as “an exciting career opportunity” with some scepticism. It’s not exactly Formula 1, is it? I’m not being negative on the industry – after all, it’s looked after me all my working life. I’m just being realistic.

However, if someone were to ask me to describe my experience working at Copylab over the past few years, I would freely admit it has been exciting! Why? Because it’s a company that allows me to breathe. To do things I hadn’t realised I wanted to do.

Last year, Ross announced that he was looking to expand Copylab’s operations in the Far East, and asked if anyone was interested in helping out. I volunteered, and a few months later I was sitting on the 36th floor of an office building overlooking Hong Kong’s harbour, talking to potential clients about how we could help them with their investment-writing needs.

It really doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Well, it does – I then headed to Singapore to do the same.

That’s what Copylab is about. It takes ordinary people and turns them into far less ordinary employees. Which is extraordinary, don¹t you think?