Investment commentary matters.

Now, as a company specialising in investment communications, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But far from being a mere formality, commentary is (or should be) a crucial component in conveying a value that investors now rate more highly than ever: transparency.

Writing in the Financial Times, asset management and distribution analytics firm Cerulli Associates made this very point:

“[Clients] want tenacity and transparency from fund managers, visibility even when times are tough, and high-calibre and very timely reporting of key data… they did not even rate fund performance very highly. Their number one selection criterion is investment philosophy, followed by transparency.”

Despite this, many asset managers view commentary as something of an inconvenience, and of lesser importance in communicating the fund’s strengths. But this, as our new white paper argues, is short-sighted: well-written fund commentary provides a powerful direct channel to investors, with prose and figures that can reaffirm their faith in an investment philosophy and, crucially, help assuage doubts during periods of underperformance.


But as any asset manager (and investment marketer) knows, generating consistent, high-quality commentary isn’t easy: dealing with fluctuations in demand, and retaining and motivating expert staff, are just two of the major challenges making commentary an onerous and costly task. For these reasons, outsourcing can be a hugely valuable tool for investment marketers managing their company’s commentary output.

Besides our broader financial communications services, Copylab is perhaps the world’s leading outsourcer of fund commentary services. And a key reason behind this success is the compelling economics of our model: as our white paper argues, the savings when compared with the expense of recruiting, training and retaining an in-house team could be as much as 25%.

To find out more, download your free copy of our white paper.