Copylab joins partners with Lexicon Agency in Sydney, Australia

Copylab has formed a partnership with Sydney-based Lexicon Agency to deliver specialist communication and copywriting services to asset-management companies in Australia.

Lexicon is a content-marketing agency that specialises in financial services. Led by local entrepreneurs Amanda Deacon and Ciara Waters, Lexicon works with leading Australian banks, superannuation providers and insurance companies to deliver content and marketing strategies that connect and inspire customers.

Together, Lexicon and Copylab aim to deliver a full range of communications, content and investment writing for financial services clients in Australia.

Establishing this important relationship in Australia is critical to Copylab’s vision – to be the chosen communications and content partner for our asset-management clients wherever in the world they want to do business.

Why Australia?

Australia’s fund management industry is the largest in the Asia Pacific region – and sixth largest managed-funds industry in the world (according to the Washington-based Investment Company Institute (ICI)). For comparison, the ICI 2016 Factbook (page 235) shows there are around US$1.6 trillion in Australia (with 9,000 funds listed on Morningstar Australia), compared with US$1.5 trillion in the UK (3,900 funds on Morningstar UK).

In addition to the scale of the market, Australia is an English-speaking market, it has a developed, stable and growing economy and its funds industry is closer in structure and culture to that of the UK than any other Asian market.

We think this is a great opportunity for Copylab and Lexicon to develop a strong business in Australia and deliver great communications for our clients in the region.

Ross Hunter

Ross founded Copylab in 2005 and is now leading the team in the UK and leading the company’s charge into new markets.