Who gets the thrash-metal collection? The celebratory whisky bottle? Custody of Paul? These are the difficult questions we’ve had to face today at Copylab.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve opened up an Edinburgh office at 2 Walker Street. In an amicable separation, the “Edinbuggers” among us have departed “Weejieland”, as vibrant Glasgow is known to its ill-informed detractors.

For those of you unfamiliar with our new office location, but more accustomed to the hostelries of Edinburgh, our new home is equidistant between the unholy trinity of Au Bar, Bert’s Bar and the Indian Cavalry Club. We’ve opened up here so we can be closer to our clients, and we look forward to sharing an ale with you soon.


In case you’re wondering, we’re keeping our Glasgow office, as we’re aiming to continue growing our team in both Scottish cities. And we’re looking to grow our London business too. Next stop Rio.

And what of you, dear clients? Well, yes, it’s all about you. We’ve been investing in IT to make sure we stay connected and keep giving you the high-quality service you need. So although our family may be uncoupling today, we promise to give you our love as much as ever. And not in a weird way.

Ross Hunter

31 October 2014

Ross Hunter

Ross founded Copylab in 2005 and is now leading the team in the UK and leading the company’s charge into new markets.