Copylab is going from strength to strength. More and more asset managers and financial services companies around the world are joining us every month to benefit from our fantastic roster of investment writers. Some of the world’s largest (and smallest) fund groups are coming to us for help with their websites, content creation and thought leadership, while others are outsourcing their fund commentary processes to us.

Thanks to our accelerating growth in the past year, we have been able to create a more structured approach to supporting our clients. We’re investing in: training and development programmes to ensure we maintain the highest standards; processes and reporting to ensure we’re operating efficiently; an employee share ownership programme; and a management structure to ensure we’re doing the right things for our staff and clients as we continue to grow.

With all that said, I’ll now get to the point!

The latest development at Copylab is the promotion of some key people who will take our agency to the next level.

I’m pleased to announce that Niels Footman is our new Managing Director for the UK and Europe. Niels joined Copylab in February 2014 as an investment writer, and has grown to become a team manager, then our marketing director and now the leader of our European business.

Emma Axelson joined us even more recently, in August 2015. Starting out as a strategic planner, Emma quickly grabbed our processes by the scruff of the neck and helped us become a much more professional and organised outfit. She soon moved to become a team manager in Edinburgh, before becoming manager and then director for our operations in the UK. I’m pleased to announce that Emma is now our Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for our resourcing, training and process management across our business globally.

These appointments show the real opportunity that our employees have to progress their careers quickly on the basis of their talent and effort. I believe that makes us very different from our peers.

Niels and Emma will report to me, alongside the leaders of our businesses in North American and Asia, John Connolly and Paul Lees.

As a result of these promotions for Niels and Emma, Duncan Black will become the team manager for all our people in Scotland. And Nandini Rao is taking on more responsibility for one of our largest clients in London.

From my point of view, I’m immensely proud of the Copylab team, who have worked tirelessly and enthusiastically since we started out in 2013. The point we’ve reached today, I feel, is the next natural step in our growth as we seek to achieve our vision, which is: to be the best investment communications agency in the world, and support our asset management clients with the highest-quality content and copywriting wherever in the world they choose to do business.


Ross Hunter

Ross founded Copylab in 2005 and is now leading the team in the UK and leading the company’s charge into new markets.