Awards submissions

Award nominations – and, better yet, wins! – can be a crucial piece of advertising for your firm. They serve as tangible proof of your position as a market leader, and help to secure those extra column inches that bring your name to a wider audience.

Copylab can help with the time-consuming submissions process, leaving you to focus on the work that makes your company so deserving of the accolade.

Awards submissions

What do we do?
First, we’ll do our due diligence to get a thorough understanding of how your company works and why you deserve the win. We’ll review your fund performance and recent innovations, interview your fund managers, and select the best of your communications literature to ensure we’re highlighting your process in your voice. Then, we’ll craft an original submission that ensures your accomplishments get maximum attention from the judging panel. Our writers will pay strict attention to details such as word count and deadlines, so that we have ample time to work with you to ensure your submission is crisp, accurate and utterly persuasive.

How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • Our past experiences have helped us to understand exactly what information the judges need to select a winner.
  • Your accomplishments will be detailed in a unique, fresh voice that adds interest and avoids an overuse of jargon.
  • Outsourcing the submission-writing process frees you up to concentrate on the work that might just earn you next year’s nomination.