Thought leadership has an image problem. As our friend below so expertly demonstrates, what should be a medium for incisive, thought-provoking commentary has been reduced – through misuse and overuse – to one of the biggest clichés in marketing.



But through our own experience, it was clear that thought leadership remains very important to investment marketers. We wanted to add some statistical support to our hunches about thought leadership, so we undertook a survey of 40 senior marketing managers and directors at the UK’s leading asset managers. As our paper demonstrates, some of our beliefs were borne out by the results – while others most definitely were not.


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In a nutshell, our findings suggest a clear notion of thought leadership as distinct from other forms of marketing material, mixed with frustration at limitations on meeting this ideal and measuring its success. One idea on which our respondents were united on, however, was that whatever its shortcomings, thought leadership is only set to become more important in investment marketing:

thought leadership importance in investment marketing


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Niels Footman