Content mining

Your company has loads of data. We know how to analyse it, develop messages and create compelling content.
Our content ideas will help you tell your story – and sell your products.

Content mining

What do we do?

Investment companies contain a wealth of data. Much of this can be mined and incorporated into your messaging to help you develop deeper and longer-lasting relationships with your clients. This is vital for asset managers to have their voice heard in an increasingly noisy, content-driven market.

The most obvious source of data in your company is the performance of your funds and strategies. This is of course a key reason why advisers and investors choose your fund over a competitor’s. But there’s far more data within your organisation that can enhance clients’ views of your capabilities. Your fund managers’ opinions, insights and capabilities are information that is valuable to your investors. In fact, building a story around your raw performance numbers is critical to building trust in the manager and company – especially during those periods when performance is less than stellar.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Monitor trends in social media, trade press and national news for the stories, trends and messages that are getting attention from advisers and investors.
  • Monitor and analyse all your fund reports, articles and internal documents for information and insights.
  • Interview fund managers regularly to tease out their latest market views and investment ideas.
  • Recommend to your marketing team a schedule of content – both messages and media – so they can build it into their planning.
  • Produce all the sales aids, articles, blogs, white papers, media snippets, sales emails and social-media messages for distribution in a timely fashion.

How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • Make better use of the data, information and insights that already exist within your company.
  • Increase the volume of content produced by your company on your key funds and strategies.
  • Produce content that is targeted more effectively to the demands of your markets.
  • Save your fund managers’ valuable time by having them do less writing.

Enhance your fund managers’ reputation in the market and position them as thought leaders.