Content Strategy

In an investment world awash in content, a clear strategy can be the difference between success and failure, differentiation and anonymity. We can help you ensure your content answers the right questions, reaches the right people, and achieves the right results.

Tone of Voice

In a sector where differentiation can be so elusive, your tone of voice can make your company distinct. Are you informal and easy-going? Are you traditionalists? Innovators? Local champions or internationalists? We can help you distil the culture of your company, and show your wider team how to use every sentence to convey your voice.

Content Calendars

To hit the mark, a lot of great content also has to be regular, relevant and timely. Our team can work with you to identify the key events in your and the financial world’s year, and tailor a calendar to ensure your content gets out when it’s at its most effective.

Insights and Analytics

To really earn its keep, great content has to perform. We can work with you to set attainable targets, watch their progress, and then be on hand to adjust your content to achieve even better results.


Communication is much simpler and more focused for a company that can sum up what it stands for. We’re experts at honing a company’s core messages and showing you how to weave these into everything you create.


However concise and insightful your content, clunky design can sentence it to instant obscurity. Our designers can pep up your presentations, beautify your brochures, and generally make any of your financial marketing material a delight to behold.

ESG Content

In a market where ESG funds continue to draw huge inflows, it’s never been more important to distinguish your ESG credentials. A key tool for communicating and differentiating your offering is your ESG content.

“Copylab supported our investment teams with content writing that is clear and appropriate for our target audience. Using the digital copywriting team, they have also worked with us in developing our external website partnering with our website developers. We would recommend Copylab to other fund management companies.”

Sandra Rockett, Director of Wealth and Corporate Distribution, Irish Life