Coping with coronavirus how copylab is operating in the months ahead

COVID-19 is unquestionably a major problem. For those it’s affected personally, its impact has been huge and, in numerous tragic cases, incalculable. For people looking to travel, it’s thrown their plans into disarray. The world of commerce is reeling too, suffering everything from bankruptcies to major disruption to supply chains and production.

In an indication of changing priorities, one of the few companies to see its stock rise in recent weeks has been Zoom Video, a leading provider of video-conference services. Faced with closed offices but the inescapable need to do business, many people are being forced to adjust to the world of remote work – a change that could, according to some experts, lead to longer-term shifts in the structure of workplaces.

We have also been taking sensible precautions in line with government and ACAS advice. Like most other workplaces, our overriding priority is to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, while doing everything we can to maintain the highest standards of service to our clients. In this, we’re helped by something we’ve long believed – that flexible, remote working is conducive to providing the best service with the best people.

COVID-19 threatens to disrupt all businesses, and especially those with sizeable office-based operations. In such difficult circumstances, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our flexible operations can continue to provide excellent, uninterrupted service to our clients. If it’s something you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact us.


Niels Footman