Copylab Gramercy top 12 financial communications agenciesAlright, you might want to put your earplugs in, because we’re about to do some serious tooting of the Copylab horn.

In a massively gratifying bit of news, we have been named one of the world’s top 12 financial agencies by the Gramercy Institute! It’s been an often daunting task building up our US, Asian and European operations over the last several years – while maintaining our excellent standards in our home market of the UK – but receiving this award is a nice reminder of why we’re doing it.

The Gramercy award takes place every year and is hotly contested by agencies around the world. In Gramercy’s words, it is awarded to companies that “have advised and served their financial clients in extraordinary ways and have delivered their financial clients’ marketing to the highest levels of industry excellence and successful end result.”

To mark the occasion, Gramercy is holding its awards ceremony in New York on 29 January. Our guys will of course be there in person to collect the gong!

Though only a fraction of Copylab’s staff will attend the ceremony, this award is definitely a tribute to the entire team’s dedication and hard work. From our sales guys to our full-time team to our writers across the world, their professionalism has made Copylab the trusted and respected brand it is today.

And, of course, we’re deeply grateful to our clients, whose trust and loyalty has spurred us on to be an even better partner to them and their businesses.

Here’s to an ever-more successful 2019!

Niels Footman