In the last of a series of guest blogs, David Hetling, industry marketing director at SDL, looks at how one global asset management firm has benefited from the creation of a tailored strategic-marketing solution.

The last three blogs in this series have focused on taking a big-picture approach to your enterprise content model. Our eBook, A New Global Content Operating Model for Asset Managers, introduces the idea that you can simplify the creation, translation and delivery of content at global scale by combining technology and services into a single comprehensive solution.

But this joined-up approach to technology, processes and people along the entire content supply chain is not just a nice idea – it’s actually happening at one of our biggest customers. That customer, a global asset management firm promoting funds in multiple regions, faced challenges including:

  • The management of content across types, formats and time zones;
  • Production and approval of compliant content at scale;
  • The need to control costs and maximise content reuse;
  • Tailoring content for different markets, with full audit trails.

We worked with them to address these issues with a strategic solution built on a combination of our technologies and services. The pillars of this strategy were:

  • A review of their content and audit workflow;
  • Development of a custom translation strategy based on content types;
  • Joining up their content management and translation management systems;
  • A centralised review and approvals process to improve planning and control.

So what improvements did this solution drive for our customer?

Our solution has enabled the development of a jointly agreed custom-translation strategy, delivering the following benefits:

  • Use of transcreation, machine translation and translation management optimised to the precise needs of the business;
  • Streamlined process for regular monthly and quarterly publications, as well as marketing collateral targeted at multiple investor audiences;
  • Achievement of regulatory compliance as well as adherence to corporate brand policies;
  • Reuse and sharing of content across lines of business, enabling a genuine “create once, use multiple times” capability;
  • Reduced time and cost for producing and reviewing content.

David HetlingDavid Hetling is Industry Marketing Director for Financial Services at SDL plc, a leading provider of translation solutions. His role involves formulating SDL’s go-to-market strategy to asset managers, banks and insurers – in each of these sectors, SDL works with global market leaders including 9 of the top 10 banks and 19 of the top 20 asset managers.