Our accomplished designers provide the images and style to enhance your client communications. The team can help you build on your brand and let your business succeed in a market that demands stand-out visuals.


What do we do?
We provide design, typesetting and graphical services to help present your message in the most impressive and incisive ways. Whether you are looking for brochures, design templates for client reporting, or brand advice for your online presence, we provide a service that covers all visual avenues.

Our team has decades of experience and expertise in print and digital design, both in the asset-management industry and beyond. By applying our substantive knowledge of aesthetics, colour schemes and graphic-design principles, we can bring discipline and efficiency to your messaging, allowing you to communicate with your clients as effectively as possible.

Some of the clients we’ve helped include:

  • Aegon. We provide regular, visually arresting updates to Aegon’s monthly and quarterly reports, amending infographics and charts as well as written and numerical information.
  • Heartwood. We produced a charities brochure for this investment arm of Handelsbanken, combining Heartwood’s brand guidelines with our skills to bring a fresh perspective to their investment process.
  • Open Door Capital. We designed and implemented a range of new templates for Open Door’s investment communications aimed at their clients in China and elsewhere. The suite of communications includes letters, regular reports and insights from the company’s fund managers.

How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • When you have a new-product launch or an important message to get across, you need not only the right words, but also the right images – it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.
  • We offer a wide range of techniques for print and digital media in order to make your visuals as eye-catching and engaging as possible.
  • We’ll help keep your company’s communications snappy by generating infographics – one image can be worth a thousand words to your clients.
  • We can typeset client reports according to your brand guidelines – ensuring your clients receive a consistent visual message every time.