Editorial services

Our editorial projects run the gamut, from developing technical and complex articles and papers to short-and-punchy articles that engage your customers. We see each job, no matter how large or small, as valuable and meaningful to your business.


Editorial services

Editorial Committee

Subscribe for free to the idea generation output of our editorial committee. We’ve put together an experienced team that gathers ideas from across our 50-strong writing team for topical articles, blogs and papers. The editorial committee then prioritises the best ideas with the most original hooks – and these are available to order by our clients on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

White papers and features

When your brightest and best portfolio managers have unique insights, we can help you communicate them to institutional clients and sophisticated wealth managers with the right message, depth of content and tone of voice. We’re experienced investment writers for all audience types and in different parts of the world. So we can help you tailor your thought leadership content so that it’s relevant for your clients in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Articles, blogs and newsletters

When you need relevant and engaging content, tap into our team of journalistic-minded writers. We know what makes a strong headline, an appealing hook and a great story. And we understand the technicalities of financial markets. So we can get your message across in a way that encourages investors and their advisers to come back for more.

Social media support

Producing great content is half the battle. Real success comes from being able to distribute your content to through the right channels to the right people at the right time. We can help with this – when we write your articles, blog posts, newsletters and white papers, we can also write the social media links that make it quicker and easier for you to get maximum bang for your buck.


How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • Our Editorial Committee can help you generate new ideas for content for your blog and other content channels.
  • We have the knowledge of financial markets to ensure you deliver a coherent message to your clients.
  • We know how to write investment content that is suitable for different client types – from sophisticated institutional investors to inexperienced end consumers.
  • Because we have people in the major investment centres around the world, we can help you tailor your content to be relevant and engaging to investors in all the major regions.