Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and content



‘Investors are now demanding
high-quality ESG information.’

‘The value of good ESG
reporting needs to be better
explained to motivate companies.’


The London Stock Exchange Group

In a market where ESG funds continue to draw huge inflows, it’s never been more important to distinguish your ESG credentials. A key tool for communicating and differentiating your offering – while avoiding the dreaded greenwashing – is your ESG report. In an increasingly competitive market, here’s how Copylab can help you stand out.

What can an ESG report highlight?


What the carbon footprint of the business is and what’s being done
to reduce it

Consideration of environmental factors before investments are made

What the company is doing to support or improve environmental protection


What’s done at the company for the benefit of workers

What’s done to benefit the local community or society at large

Whether the labour policies of companies are fully examined before investments are made


How ethically the company is run

How diverse its workforce is 

Whether the company conforms with the highest standards of corporate governance

How can Copylab help?

We have worked with a number of clients on ESG reports and have developed a team of ESG reporters who can help you to develop and structure a great ESG report.


Typically, the process involves: 

  • Creating a ‘best-practice’ structure for the report
  • Interviewing relevant people at the company
  • Researching the company, its peers and the industry
  • Assessing the company’s ESG credentials against UN principles
  • Helping the company to shape ambitious future ESG goals
  • Writing the report
  • Designing it
  • Helping to share the report with a wide audience

The Value of Values: How to create ESG reports that matter


What makes a good ESG report? What are some of its key features? What’s the right balance between vision and pragmatism?

What else can we do to improve your ESG content?

“We really enjoyed working with the team at Copylab. Their combination of professionalism, deep sector knowledge and creativity ensured they understood quickly where we were coming from, and how to turn that into a distinctive, compelling message. We’d recommend them strongly for any FS company looking for original, insightful content about ESG or other investment topics.”

Olav Osland Vik-Mo, Partner and COO at Norvestor