Writing Services For The Financial Sector

The Art Of Compelling Financial Copy

With a global team ranging from ex-fund managers to authors, professional editors and journalists, we are experts in the art of compelling financial copy.

Fund Commentary

Many of the largest names in asset management rely on us to produce their fund commentaries. We have the technical and editorial capabilities in place to write, edit and proof these documents and to make this a seamless and cost-effective process. We can also quickly scale up to meet the hectic demands of quarter end and other peak periods.

Thought Leadership

White papers. Thought leadership. Whatever you want to call it, these weighty pieces provide the ideal medium to differentiate and convince your clients and prospects why they should be entrusting their investments to you. Combining financial and editorial expertise, our team can help you find, sharpen and tell your data’s story. 


Great blogs provide the perfect channel for distilling complex, timely and challenging ideas into short pieces that pack a punch. With backgrounds in copywriting and journalism, and steeped in SEO expertise, our writers produce blogs that deliver results.

Digital and Social Media

Social media has opened a new world of opportunity for building your brand and targeting the right people. But managing it can be tricky and time-consuming. With our grounding in investment language and the minutiae of sign-offs, we have the knowledge to make your LinkedIn, Twitter, newsletters or other channels work.

Marketing Communications

How do you stand out in a sea of content marketing? This is our simple guide: know what you stand for, have a unique voice, understand your customer and how you can genuinely be of help to them. Then use clear and effective language to reach them. We can help you every step of the way.


From forming relationships to understanding the company and honing the message, writing effective RFPs requires a broad and highly specific set of skills. Whether on-site or remote, our RFP specialists can help you produce RFPs that seal the deal.

Advertising Copy

Advertising for financial services is no easy matter. Besides creating something memorable, concise and strikingly on-point, you have to navigate the misty waters of compliance and sign off. But we believe that restraints can be one of the most powerful founts of creativity. And our team have the expertise and inventiveness to make your message sparkle.

“Copylab has proven to be a reliable and high-quality supplier of copywriting services to Aberdeen Standard Investments over many years. This relationship allows ASI to deliver high volumes of market-leading content and fund reports to our clients globally.”

Simon Sharp, Global Head of Investment and Product Marketing, Aberdeen Standard Investments