Making It Work

Partly by design and partly by evolution,

the structures that make us such a compelling proposition to clients – flexibility and responsiveness – are also the key factors for us in creating a flexible work culture. This culture has helped many of our staff maintain a healthy personal life while achieving fulfilment in their professional roles too.

Kirsty Nicholson, full-time investment writer, currently working in-house at BMO in London. “I interned at Copylab straight after graduating from university but became torn on whether to stay in Scotland to begin my career or take time out to travel. In the end I didn’t have to make that decision, as Copylab allowed me to freelance for them while travelling in Australia and offered me a permanent position to come home to.”

Katy Gardner, account director, London: “’Some women feel unable to continue their career in the same way once they’ve had children, but I have never felt that. When I came back from maternity leave after the birth of my first son, I was delighted to be promoted to account director. Appreciating my young family’s needs, Copylab accepted my request to move to part-time hours and also paid for a local office space to maximise my working day. My career continues to be important to me and I have always felt that Copylab have done all they can to enable me to achieve a work/life balance.”

Emma Axelson, chief operating officer for Copylab, splits her time between Edinburgh, where her teenage son attends school, and Stockholm, where her husband and his children live. “I’d been with my now-husband, Claes, almost two years when I was offered my first role with Copylab. I really wanted the job. But I also wanted to be there for my son, Josh, and to keep my relationship. I knew I needed to be able to pick up Josh from school some days and work from Sweden when possible. Happily, our founder Ross is a very forward-thinking man and he said he’d do whatever he could to accommodate me.”