Our Partners:

Advert One

Advert One Communications is the partner for Copylab’s copywriting services in the Middle East and for Arabic-language financial writing.

As the largest investor-relations consultancy firm in the Middle East, Advert One assists businesses with financial transactions, IPOs and the ongoing communications that are associated with listed companies. Additionally, they are experts in writing financial Arabic and have a well-established business in digital design and marketing, brand strategy and development, corporate identity, brand guidelines and financial PR.

Copylab’s role in this alliance is the application of our English-language skills and financial-markets experience to Middle Eastern companies’ financial communications requirements. This includes helping to write annual reports, quarterly shareholder reports and content for investor relations websites.

The Middle East offers huge opportunities in two ways: for asset managers seeking to build their businesses in the region; and for listed Middle Eastern companies seeking to widen their shareholder base beyond the Arabic-speaking world. Together, Copylab and Advert One have a proposition that can enable both groups to prosper.

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