Social media

Getting started – or gaining momentum – on social media can be a tricky business, especially in a regulatory minefield like investments. But with a growing number of investors turning to the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn for information, it’s an increasingly important medium for investment managers. Here’s what Copylab can do to help:

Social media

What do we do?

  • Help you identify the ‘why’ and set your social-media goals.
  • Manage your social-media channels, monitoring sentiment and, where appropriate, responding to inquiries.
  • Help you navigate compliance issues.
  • Provide guidance on supporting your staff and creating a social-media policy.
  • Create compelling and shareable content.
  • Monitor progress, and make concrete recommendations on how to improve.

How does hiring Copylab benefit you?

  • By dealing with the sea of channels and compliance issues, we can help you focus on creating first-rate social-media content and engaging with your audience.
  • Proving difficult to differentiate yourselves? We can help greatly enhance your company’s online profile and brand awareness.
  • We’ll ensure that all your social-media activity has a clear purpose and quantifiable goals.
  • We can help drive significant increases in traffic to your website, potentially generating new business leads.