Training for better communications
“Better communications” isn’t about the longest report, the most technical language or the flashiest presentation.

Actually, in our view, the opposite is true. The key to “better communications” is finding the most effective way to convey your message and getting your audience to reflect on it, remember it, and react to it. Your message should stand out (from the crowd) and resonate (with the audience). You are taking the reader or listener on a journey, a journey towards your idea.

At Copylab, we’re passionate about better, more effective, more memorable communications.


What do we do?
We offer expertise and training in spoken and written communications – presenting skills, investment writing and RFP training. Our highly experienced team of writers and presenters – many of whom were at investment firms before joining Copylab – are all well versed in the financial world’s unique language.

Training sessions are tailored to your needs. We take great care and time in understanding your priorities and objectives, and we craft our courses accordingly. We can also focus on specific areas, whether you need help with using charts and graphs to enhance your presentation, writing reports from fund attribution, or crafting dynamic digital copy.

Have a look at the links below to see some of the things we include in a typical course.