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The Copylab formula for hiring success: investment expertise + flexibility + diverse people and points of view + a talent for writing = an innate pride in delivering exceptional work, on time, every time.

The Origin Story

In 2005, Ross Hunter had an idea: to create a flexible lifestyle business in which he could do a bit of freelance investment writing and spend lots of time with his young family. The hunch worked pretty well and AXA Investment Managers became Copylab’s first client, closely followed by other trusting asset managers.

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With business booming six years later a decision had to be made – either to scale back and retreat into freelancer mode, or to go for it and try to grow the business into something more than a one-man band.

New hires were brought on to develop the business in London, thereafter in Scotland. Business then expanded west as we added new asset management firms in the US as clients. New business in the east led to offices and partnerships with like-minded firms in Singapore and Hong Kong. Paris, Dublin, Zurich and Beijing followed.

Today the team looks after 100 clients based in over 13 countries supported by 40 in-house staffers and 100+ freelance writers. We serve 7 of the world’s top 10 asset managers.

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Our Team

What does the archetypal ‘Labber look like?

Copylabbers are steeped in the global financial services industry. From journalists, published authors and cryptocurrency experts, to former fund managers and heads of marketing and communications. We are seasoned professors, CFAs and financial advisers with degrees ranging from finance and economics to writing and literature.

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Our offer

Copylab’s a great place to build a career in investment writing. Here are just some of the things that we think makes Copylab special:

  • A dynamic, small-company, agency culture where talent can thrive, and where hard work and ambition are rewarded. We’re passionate about promoting talented people – most of our senior team have been promoted through the business, sometimes very rapidly.

  • You get to be an integral part of the company by offering input (that is actually considered) on various topics, from marketing initiatives and internal best practices to how you think the website should look.

  • Down to earth professionalism – every Copylabber is a total professional while also being approachable, engaging, and available, all the way up to the founder and CEO.

  • Charitable giving – whether it’s through volunteer days, donating to a colleague’s sick relative via GoFundMe, or contributing to a humanitarian charity working with refugees of the Ukrainian war. Copylab gives back to the community.

  • The opportunity to work for multiple asset-management clients on various projects such as: social media blogs, articles, new product launches, and even company rebranding.

  • Tailored approach to flexible working – each person’s work/life balance needs are considered separately.

  • Competitive benefits package.

  • Regular 121 meetings with your manager to keep you moving forward.

Flexible working is becoming more commonplace in the wake of the pandemic. But at Copylab, we take flexible working to a new level, giving each individual the opportunity to create a flexible work schedule that suits them. We know work life balance is important, so provided we can still give our clients the fantastic service they expect from us, our people can work in a way that suits them.

  • Steve Halprin

    Steve used to spend hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to his desk job, but now he’s able to oversee the entirety of Copylab North America’s operations from the comfort of his own home.

  • Sue Taylor

    Sue works full time at quarter ends and part time in non-quarter end months to match our client’s commentary deadlines.

  • Rachael Chambers

    Rachael works flexible part-time hours to accommodate her passion for teaching yoga.

  • Polina Atabekian

    Polina wanted to move from the UK to the Netherlands to pursue her Master’s degree, so we set up an umbrella company to employ her there.

Are you a talented writer? Would you like to improve your work/life balance? At Copylab, we work hard to make everyone feel valued and integrated into a supportive team. If you like the sound of this, we want to hear from you.

Our Job Openings

Graduates and interns

Every year, we take on a small number of ambitious young people who want to begin a career in investment writing.

If you’re a great writer with an interest in financial markets, contact to find out how to apply for our programme.


We’re always on the look out for talented writers that want to work with us on a freelance basis.

If you have great copywriting skills and some experience in writing for an asset management audience, submit your details here. Can you pass our Editor in Chief’s fiendish tests?!