What We Care About

Jo's Story

When Jo Murphy, one of our London writers, faced a serious health scare with her baby, she was amazed by the care and support they received. Now Jo uses her volunteer leave from Copylab to give back.  This is her story.

A Flexible Friend

Having started as a lifestyle business, Copylab has flexible working practices forged into its DNA. Here are the stories of some Copylabbers who have benefited so much from the flexibility we look to offer. 

Keeping Aware of Mental Health

Whether it’s physical or mental, we take Copylabbers’ health seriously. Here’s what we’re doing to support the wellbeing of all our team.

A Foot in the Door

Getting that first career break can be daunting for graduates and young people. That’s why we’ve been bringing in interns and graduate trainees from universities across Scotland – and finding some of our finest employees along the way.