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Content Strategy in the Financial Services – A Survey

Copylab 11 August 2022

Successfully implemented content strategy could be your differentiator.

At Copylab, we specialise in providing content for financial services companies. We began by providing investment content to asset managers – primarily long-form fund commentaries.

However, over the years, our clients’ needs have evolved, and so has the work we do for them. The explosion of social media has meant that although our work almost always starts with
the written word, it’s increasingly translated into other, more visual formats. And with that, our clients are increasingly looking to track content performance, measure success and justify their investment. As we reflected on this shift, we wanted to understand more about how financial services companies are approaching the creation and measurement of their content. So, we decided to run a short survey with the objectives of identifying:

1. The role content strategy plays in the overall marketing mix.

2. The type of content companies are producing.

3. Whether there are any variations between audiences – retail, professional, institutional etc.

4. Overall sentiment towards content marketing.

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Key findings:

  1. 85% of respondents said that content
    creation was an ‘important’ or ‘very
    important’ part of their overall marketing mix.
  2. However, only 22% of respondents had a
    clearly defined and written content strategy
    in place.
  3. 67% of respondents devoted just five hours
    each month to content planning and
  4. Lack of time (35%) and in-house expertise
    (41%), rather than lack of budget (6%), are
    the main barriers to implementing and
    sticking to a content strategy.
  5. There were no tangible variations in the
    approach to content strategy depending
    on the audience type (retail or professional
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With ROI still a big challenge for investment marketers, content strategy has never been more important. So just how are asset managers using strategy to create and measure their content? Download our white paper to see our findings.