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Copylab China Launched As New Copywriting Hub

Copylab 26 October 2022

Copylab is excited to announce the establishment of its new Chinese entity. The Beijing-based facility is now Copylab’s East Asia hub for providing a full range of Chinese copywriting services, copy editing, and localising international content.

Copylab China strengthens Copylab’s regional presence, delivering Chinese language and premium localisation to global clients. At a time when Chinese content is in high demand, Copylab China enables international financial companies to communicate effectively with their Chinese audiences, promote their investment and market insight, and to increase viewership in China.

Copylab founder Ross Hunter commented: “Copylab China is an important part of our global growth. We want to provide our clients with the range of choices, capability and quality of services they’ve come to expect from Copylab. Our services, talent and presence continue to expand to support our clients with everything they need.”

Copylab China also offers Chinese financial industry clients an in-territory hub for Chinese and English content, via a network of 100+ investment communication specialists, meeting the high-quality requirements demanded in the financial copywriting industry.

Copylab China Operational Director Xiangyao Bowler added: ” Copylab China opens up new possibilities for both regional and global financial companies. We will be delivering our extensive knowledge of the local market and culture, backed by Chinese and international specialist financial writers.”

With its growing team of Chinese financial copywriting talent, Copylab looks forward to continuing to help meet the needs of the industry and support widespread demand for localised content throughout the Chinese-speaking world.

To get in touch with us to discuss your Chinese content requirements, please contact Xiangyao Bowler.