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Labber Stories: Jasmine Humphrey

Jasmine Humphrey 2 February 2023
financial services marketing agency

I first joined Copylab as a freelancer during the penultimate year of my undergraduate degree, having worked a bar job that saw me trying to balance late-night finishes with the pressures of challenging coursework. The idea of being able to work when it suited me lured me in, and was something I knew I’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

The pandemic had also thrown its own obstacles into the mix: no in-person teaching, tricky customer service adjustments and the constant, looming worry – what would I do after I graduated? Where would a degree in languages and international relations take me when parts of the world seemed so cut off from one another? Little did I know, it would lead me to Copylab!

From the get go, freelance work was fantastic, particularly as I headed into my final year and was bound by dissertation demands. The people of Copylab could not have been more helpful: they answered any query I had (as someone nervous to delve into a new industry); I had regular communication with the team about availability; and they reiterated the importance of giving my degree precedence. On top of this, the chance to use my love of writing and communication – something I was channelling through my degree and university editorials, but not really through my job at the time – piqued my interest. At the same time, I could learn new skills in an industry that was completely alien to me. It felt like the other extreme from working long nights serving drinks, and meant that I could stay in the ‘writing headspace’ during the day, which was extremely helpful.

After graduating, I was encouraged to join Copylab’s internship programme. This brought with it in-depth training, as well as the chance to work with an array of clients, getting to grips with writing styles, understanding different processes and using financial terms. Again, the internship was as flexible as it was helpful and enjoyable; it made the move from university much smoother than I had anticipated. Following the internship, I was offered a position in the full-time team, much to my delight. Flexible working remained in place, despite the pandemic-related challenges easing. And yet I’ve always felt part of a team, whether it be through Teams calls, working in an office brimming with camaraderie, in-person meetings (finally!) or getting help and encouraging feedback from colleagues.

Now I work as a full-time investment writer and in editorial operations. Ultimately, working with Copylab has allowed me to practise the power of communication. One of the best things I’ve learned is putting difficult, often jargon-heavy language into frank, comprehensible words, bridging the gap between copy editor, client and audience. Since I started as a freelancer, I’ve gained more conviction in my writing and ideas. I’ve met like-minded people who have a passion to help others, improve communication and bridge the gaps between client and individual – concepts I spent a year researching and writing about at university.

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have seen myself surrounded by financial terms and editing pieces for asset management companies on a daily basis. Now I can see how it links back to what I’m passionate about. Language is the key to strong relationships and positive change – and all Copylabbers know this!