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Innovative digital marketing for banks that drives long-term profitable growth

Our four-stage marketing process converts customer insights into business results:

Understand your customer and prospect needs

Uncover insights into customer needs to inform benefit-based marketing campaigns – and increase audience awareness, relevance and engagement.

Data Analytics

Find objective and relevant insights to inform marketing strategy, messaging and channel selection.

Content Audit

Take a hard look at what’s working, and what’s not with your current content.

Market Research

To identify emerging trends and unmet needs.

Roadmap your marketing strategy

Apply customers insights to your products and services to plan a marketing strategy with clear, measurable goals.

Marketing Plan

Targeting key growth opportunities with clearly defined objectives, strategies and tactics.

Communications Strategy

What you want to say, to whom, giving them tangible reasons to believe ending with a strong call-to-action.

Unique Selling Proposition

In benefit-led terms to help motivate targets and differentiate your offerings.

Track Success with KPIs

Tied to specific marketing campaign metrics of success using your CRM platform.

Implement the plan

Use compelling and engaging words, pictures, graphics and videos to tell your story and build customer awareness, trust and engagement .

Website Design

Make the most of your website from a design, feature – functionality, content, deliver and great user-experience.

Thought Leadership

Differentiate your bank and give your customers insights to help them make the most of their financial lives.

Digital and Social Media

Across LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook, Copylabbers are grounded in the language
of banking. As your partner, we can
make your digital platforms work better.

Marketing Campaigns

Support specific offerings like deposit products and small business banking.

Graphic Design and Infographics

Make complex offerings and concepts easier to understand.

Community Engagement Programs

Innovative and high-impact ways to raise your bank’s visibility and showcase your contribution to community vitality.

Video and Podcasts

Leverage the power of “sight, sound and motion” to better engage key audiences with relevant content.

Measure, review and optimize

Measure the performance of all activity to optimize future campaigns and increase the ROI of your marketing activity.

Marketing Analytics

From audience engagement, lead attributions to cost-per-customer acquisition. Make marketing an investment that pays returns vs. an expense.

Insight Generation

Identify marketing programs that work (and why) versus those that don’t.

Performance Marketing Reporting

Easy to read dashboards using your CRM data.

Optimization Recommendations

Make every marketing dollar spent work harder.

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