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Supporting the in-house team at busy periods

Copylab 25 November 2021

Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) has a large investment writing team, but the same challenges as every other asset manager – to produce lots of great content for their clients around the world while still producing thousands of fund reports each year.

Our solution

Since 2005, we’ve worked with the team at ASI – not to mention their previous incarnations, Aberdeen Asset Management, Standard Life Investments, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership and Ignis Asset Management. 

We’ve consistently supported the writing team with their fund reporting schedule, initially in Edinburgh and more recently in Singapore. With a huge number of funds globally, ASI relies on us to help produce the sheer volume of content required of their in-house writers. Our creative copywriters also contribute to Week in Review on the award-winning Thinking Aloud blog, and we help out the ASI team in Boston from time to time with white papers. 

We’re proud to have worked with Simon, David, Chris and their teams for over a decade and we thank them for their continued support of Copylab. 

The outcome

Despite having a large in-house team, you might wonder why ASI needs Copylab. Well, by engaging with us to help with fund commentary, they can write and distribute hundreds of commentaries to their clients quicker after the end of the month. It also means their own writers still have time to write papers, articles and marketing content during the height of quarter end. And finally, ASI can access their favourite Copylab writers to contribute to Thinking Aloud. 

Copylab has proven to be a reliable and high quality supplier of copywriting services to ASI over many years. This relationship allows ASI to successfully deliver high volumes of market leading content and fund reports for our clients globally.

Simon Sharp, Global Head of Investment and Product Marketing, Aberdeen Standard Investments