New York

Copylab Talks: Differentiating your ESG offering

Copylab 10 March 2021

In a marketplace saturated with ESG, how can asset managers differentiate their ESG offering?

A well-crafted ESG report can be a powerful marketing tool. How a company is achieving its sustainability goals, the challenges it faces, how progress will be measured: these factors can create a compelling story for ESG-conscious investors.

But how can asset managers create a report that truly stands out? How can they make their written content fresh and clear, especially when the facts and data may be disjointed or dry? What is the right balance between communicating short-term goals and long-term ambitions? How can a sense of action be put into words, and what can we learn from great writers about how to tell stories well?

Copylab’s Carmen Reid sat down with The Financial Services Forum to discuss these key issues surrounding ESG disclosure and reporting. To find out more, check out the video here.