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4 Tips to Improve Your Fund Commentary Process

Ross Hunter 12 April 2023

We’ve worked on dozens of clients’ commentary processes over the years. There’s not one where we’ve not been able to make enhancements, even to the best processes. We often run health checks for clients to review where they are now and make suggestions that move them along the pathway to best practice.

We’re open-minded to new technologies that help improve quality, save time or save money.

1. Using technology to improve readability and grammar

For example, we use Visible Thread and Readability Test to improve readability. And the Thesaurus website is useful for finding alternatives for those words that are so overused in commentaries.

Grammarly is useful for proofing and grammar. Or just the good old Spelling and Grammar function in Word.

And there are loads of great online anti-plagiarism tools, like plagiarismdetector or duplichecker.

Of course, innovations don’t always have to be high-tech. We add plenty of value for clients through low-tech solutions.

2. Holding monthly market round up meetings

We initiated a monthly meeting for all Copylab writers in which one of our senior writers (and experienced ex-portfolio manager) talks through the most important themes and stock stories of the month. This step helps ensure the team doesn’t miss a trick when writing month-end market reviews.

3. Client reviews and commentary templates

Our regular client reviews aim to enhance our processes and save valuable time when it comes to hitting those tight month-end and quarter-end deadlines.

And employing templates is a simple but effective innovation for limiting the variability of commentary content (see blog 3 in our series for more on templates).

4. Talented writers

Best of all, though, the greatest innovations come from our writers’ creativity. They can extract the ‘why’ from fund managers that bring the ‘what’ to life and express it in a way that engages readers.

Regardless of any new technologies, we’ll always need talented writers. They’re the best source of innovation and creative thinking.